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How to Stay Cool and Save Money

Do you know if you’re A/C unit is working inefficiently that you could be adding as much 50 % to you’re A/C power bill and be getting half the cooling effect?

That’s why it pays to have maintenance check up done regularly; this will keep your unit running efficiently, giving its best performance and ensuring a longer working life.

 Annual Maintenance Check Up keeps your unit running sweet

The financial gain of having a reliable service to keep your A/C running  costs kept to a minimum is a huge advantage long term. Esteemed Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has an “Annual Maintenance Check Up” to service and maintain your unit. These preventative maintenance measures catch any small problems before they get to be big problems and help extend the life of your system saving you money and aggravation.

Some of the things we look at during an annual maintenance check up

  • Checking safety controls and system functions regularly and controlling the operating sequence whenever necessary.
  • Checking electricity connections and other electrical components.
  • Ensure for proper airflow and change filters to keep the flow consistent.
  • Check pump flow rate, system leakage and control defects.

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